Sedation: Is the use of IV chemical restraint WITHOUT ANESTHESIA. This sedation is typically in the form of a tranquilizer, a analgesic (opiate), and a muscle relaxant (benzodiazepine). That combination of medication is a safer alternative to anesthesia, and is reversible. This means that the patient wakes up smoothly, and is typically 100% recovered within 24 hours.

Anesthesia: is when patients are under general gas anesthesia, and are monitored using anesthetic monitor equipment during the procedure. There is a higher risk of life threatening complication in these cases. Recovery time is generally longer than with sedation.

Not only is bad breath and tartar buildup unappealing, but its effects contribute to serious health complications in our pets. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), 70-80% of dogs and cats show periodontal disease by the age of 3.

Dental disease is a reservoir for bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and cause secondary complications and disease to vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs.  Damage to these organs has been proven to decrease the lifespan of our pets.

With a good oral health program and biannual dental cleanings, we can better control bacteria from spreading beneath the gum line.   This helps prevent the development of gingivitis,  periodontitis (advanced gum disease) and other serious life-threatening illnesses.

Removing plaque and tartar (calculus) is essential in maintaining oral health by preventing the development of deeper rooted problems.  We believe that with biannual dental cleanings, and a few tips on how to better maintain your pets oral health, we can collectively lower the number of anesthetic procedures your pet will endure over their lifetime.  There is low risk in trying us!

Click here to read a study on this procedure done in the journal of Integrative Veterinary Care.

Just lift your pet’s lip, and take a look!  It is time for us to perform a dental on your pet if they show any of the following signs:

  • Bad breath, one of the first signs of dental disease
  • Decreased interest in food
  • Red, swollen or recessed gums
  • Difficulty eating (especially hard kibble)
  • Any pain associated with the mouth
  • Drooling (sometimes with blood)
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Excessive plaque and tartar buildup
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • White discharge (pus)

On average, dental appointments take an hour and thirty minutes from start to finish.

We begin with the check in process, greeting your pet and going over concerns and medical history.

Next is our comprehensive veterinary dental exam, to determine whether or not your pet is a good candidate for the non-anesthetic dental cleaning.

Followed by dental charting, subginigval dental scaling and polishing. Time can increase depending on the stage of dental disease, as well as pet cooperation.  

Last is your private consultation with our veterinarian. 

At our Sherman Oaks location, enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the views from our cozy indoor/ outdoor waiting areas. Take advantage of our convenient Ventura Boulevard location!

At our Santa Monica location, breath in some fresh ocean air and take a stroll down Main street to discover a unique boutique shopping experience, or grab a bite to eat. After your pet's appoitnment is completed, make sure to visit the Santa Monica Dog Park conveniently located next door.

YES! We welcome all canine and feline patients.

We are a full service veterinary clinic. Services available, including, but not limited to:

  • Wellness Exams
  • NEAT Special (Nails. Ears. Anal glands. Teeth)
  • Vaccinations
  • Vaccine blood titers (owners who hope to avoid vaccinations)
  • Microchipping
  • Nail Trims
  • Anal Gland Expressions
  • Eye Infections/ Flush & Medicate
  • Skin Treatments/ Allergies
  • Flea Medications
  • Ear Infections/ Clean, Flush & Medicate
  • Full Blood Work / Laboratory Services 
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Hydration & Vitamin Drips
  • Domestic Travel Certificates 
  • Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning
  • Dental X-Ray
  • Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound

A smooth and positive experience. 

We begin by greeting you and your pet, making sure our patient feels safe and comfortable. We then gather all your pet's medical history as well as any additional concerns or questions you may have.

After some socializing with our nursing staff, your pet will be taken to the pet dental (treatment) area. After receiving a thorough veterinary dental exam and dental charting, our veterinarian will determine whether your pet is a good candidate for the procedure.

The dental scale and polish procedure is performed by placing your pet gently on their side. Depending on the degree of dental disease, age, and total health, a course of antibiotics may be recommended.  

Following the dental, your pet’s dental findings and recommendations will be discussed with you by our on-site veterinarian.  

We take pride in our knowledge, experience, professionalism and especially our gentle, compassionate way with pets in our care.

Advanced dental disease, dental/tooth fractures, tooth root abscesses, oral masses, and other severe findings are commonly found during the veterinary dental exam. These cases are not good candidates for our procedure, but our veterinarians have extensive experience in helping you develop an oral health plan to get your pet on the right track!

Schedule a veterinary dental exam and consultation with one of our veterinarians to find out how.

Yes!  We use Scan X Duo, a full digital x-ray system originating from human dentistry.

The American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) recommends that your pet receive regular dental radiographs every 12 months. 

Green Dog Dental Veterinary Centers offers a lot more than just dentistry. We are a full-service veterinary clinic and specialty center and offer a wide variety of services that can be found here:

In order to give you an accurate estimate you must bring your pet in for veterinary dental exam. The exam includes detailed dental charting, and sometimes pictures and videos. After the exam is complete you’ll receive a private one-on-one consult with our veterinarian. They’ll be able to give you a full assessment of what your pet needs and what type of procedure they recommend.

Types of procedures that are commonly recommended are: dental extractions, endodontics (root canal therapy), periodontal surgery (gum surgery), composite repairs and other tooth saving procedures.

If you would like to have an online dental consultation, you can click here to submit a request.

Dental cleanings under anesthesia are the gold standard of veterinary dentistry. However, there are instances in which anesthesia can be avoided. Green Dog Dentals are performed while your pet is awake. Therefore, we strive to create a fear-free, stress-free environment for all our patients. We believe that the experience for each pet begins at the door, that is why our focus is to make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe, so there is a lot of touching, cuddling and socializing prior to beginning the procedure.

The Green Dog Dental is composed of a four step process:

  • First: Comprehensive Veterinary Dental Exam
    • We begin with a comprehensive veterinary dental exam to determine if your pet is a good candidate for the non-anesthetic dental cleaning. Pets are taken to the treatment area and given a veterinary exam, they are then gently placed on their side while we perform a complete oral exam with full dental charting. If it is determined that your pet is not a candidate for a Green Dog Dental, our on-site veterinarian will discuss those findings and options with you.
  • Second: Dental Scaling & Polishing
    • Under veterinary supervision, your pet will receive a thorough dental scaling of the buccal and lingual surfaces, going beneath the gumlines, using a combination of ultrasonic (water tipped) and hand scaling techniques. Lastly, each procedure finishes with a dental polish, which helps slow plaque accumulation and tartar buildup.
  • Third: Private Veterinary Consultation
    • Each client receives a private consultation with our veterinarian at the end of the exam/cleaning to discuss all of the findings and recommendations as well as address any additional health concerns.
  • Fourth: Dental & Healthcare Plan
    • Each patient has is given an individual assessment regarding their overall health as well as when they return for their next dental cleaning, and information regarding at home care.

At Green Dog Dental we create a calm, stress-free, fear-free environment so pets feel as though they are visiting a friend, rather than a veterinary office. There is no nose-to-nose contact with any of our pet patients. We also have several calming essential oils diffusing throughout the clinic so pets can not smell other animals when they arrive.

Prior to starting the procedure our technicians spend some time on the floor with the animals establishing trust, socializing, touching them, rubbing their bellies and touching their face.

Our dental technicians are experienced, understand animal behavior and have exceptional animal handling skills for this procedure. Our technicians sit on the floor at eye level with the pets to make them feel more comfortable and before beginning the procedure they spend time talking to their patients to make sure they are trusting and feel safe.

In the rare occasion we have a patient who’s very anxious, we will utilize our swaddle method, comfortably swaddling the pet as we do with human infants.

If all above techniques do not work and your pet is still stressed or nervous, we will not proceed with the dental cleaning. Our veterinarian can offer a light sedative to take the edge off for those more anxious or aggressive pets.

After completing a veterinary dental exam, the on-site veterinarian will determine the candidacy of your pet for a sedated dental, known as a “twilight dental.” This procedure incurs an additional cost, and extends your visit by approximately thirty minutes. This procedure is 100% non-anesthetic.