A little more about us...

Green Dog Veterinary Center is one of Los Angeles's first hybrid out-patient specialty veterinary centers.  Offering General Practice & Wellness appointments, full service dental care, board certified specialty services, and some of the most advanced imaging available.

You may have heard of a veterinary hybrid hospital, but a hybrid clinic works a little different.  Typically if you're a general practice veterinarian recommends a form of specialty medicine that can't be provided By your local veterinarian your only option is to go to a large hybrid hospital where wait times can be an excess for 4 hours and appointment dates could. Be 3 to 4 months out.  Costs for services can be in the tens of thousands of dollars at these corporate hybrid hospitals. Green dog offers the accessibility and personal touch of a local veterinarian with the resources of large hybrid hospital without the wait times and in many cases at a more competitive price.

We all want the best for our pets, Sometimes that means being referred to a board certified specialist, getting full mouth dentistry, or more advanced imaging.; Things your general practitioner just may not be able to provide, just like in human health.  However it may be intimidating to go to a large corporate emergency hospital for such services. And your vet may have reservations because you will not receive the same personal treatment there as he would provide. Green dog veterinary centers are built from the ground up to provide the service that general practitioners want, clients appreciate, and pets need.