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Green Dog Dental offers a variety of dental products formulated to improve and maintain the oral health of your pet. These products, developed by veterinarians, aim to help pets live long, happy, and healthy lives by addressing dental issues as well as helping owners 

These products are crafted using all-natural, preservative-free, human-grade ingredients and are shipped in sustainable eco-friendly packaging, aligning with Green Dog Dental's ethos of providing natural and environmentally friendly solutions for pet care.


Are Green Dog Dental products safe for my pet?
Yes, these products are developed by veterinarians and made using all-natural, preservative-free, human-grade ingredients, making them safe for your pets?.

How often should I use smileSPRAY?
It's recommended to use smileSPRAY three times a week to maintain your dog's dental health and combat bad breath?1.

Can I use purrtyEARS and earCHEER for my cat as well?
The descriptions did not specify, it's always advisable to check with your veterinarian before using any product on your pet, especially if it's intended for a different species.

Where can I purchase Green Dog Dental products?
You can purchase them directly from the Green Dog Dental & Wellness website or visit their veterinary center in Sherman Oaks, CA??.

What makes Green Dog Dental products unique?
Their all-natural formulation, the use of human-grade ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging set them apart, ensuring a safe and sustainable choice for pet owners??.