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Cat Wellness Exams and Your Cat's Health 

What is a Cat Wellness Exam?
A wellness exam is a routine physical check-up for cats when they are not sick to ensure their overall health.

What Does the Exam Include?
Veterinarians thoroughly examine from nose to tail, checking body systems, weight, and temperature. Specific lab work may be recommended depending on the cat's age.

Importance of Wellness Exams
Regular exams can detect health issues early, leading to better prognoses.

When to Get an Exam
Cats should be examined immediately upon adoption. Annual exams are recommended for adults, and bi-annual exams for senior cats (age eight and older).

Signs of Ill Health
Symptoms like not eating, vomiting, listlessness, and behavioral changes indicate your cat may be unwell.

Environmental Risks
Factors like overfeeding, malnutrition, and outdoor threats (e.g., rattlesnakes and fleas) can negatively affect a cat's wellness.

Early Detection
Cats often hide their symptoms; early detection through wellness exams can lead to better outcomes.

Frequency of Exams
Kittens need frequent exams until six months of age. Adults require annual exams, and senior cats need bi-annual check-ups. Cats with specific health issues may need more frequent visits.

Dental Health
Teeth are checked during each wellness exam, with dental cleanings recommended based on the cat's oral health condition.