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Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

The Non-Anesthetic Dental service at Green Dog Veterinary Center is structured to ensure a comfortable experience for your pet. Unlike anesthetic dental cleanings, this service is performed while your pet is awake. The process begins as your pet is warmly welcomed and accustomed to the environment, ensuring a stress-free atmosphere. Following this, a Comprehensive Veterinary Dental Exam is conducted to determine if your pet is a suitable candidate for non-anesthetic dental cleaning. Your pet is given a thorough oral examination and dental charting. If the evaluation results are favorable, the dental cleaning proceeds under meticulous veterinary supervision. The cleaning involves dental scaling of the buccal (cheek side) and lingual (tongue side) surfaces, extending beneath the gum lines. This is executed using a combination of ultrasonic (water-tipped) and hand-scaling techniques. The procedure concludes with a dental polish to help slow the rate of plaque accumulation and tartar buildup, promoting longer-lasting dental hygiene.


Is the Non-Anesthetic Dental service safe for my dog?
Yes, the Non-Anesthetic Dental service is designed to be a safe and less stressful alternative, especially for pets that may not be good candidates for anesthetic procedures.

How long does the Non-Anesthetic Dental service take?
The duration may vary based on the dental condition of your pet. The veterinary team at Green Dog will ensure the procedure is thorough yet as quick as possible to minimize any discomfort to your pet.

Will my dog feel any pain during the Non-Anesthetic Dental service?
The procedure is designed to be as comfortable as possible. However, if any discomfort is anticipated or if your pet is not a candidate for a Non-Anesthetic Dental, the on-site veterinarian will discuss alternative options with you.

How do I know if my dog is a good candidate for Non-Anesthetic Dental service?
The initial comprehensive veterinary dental exam will help determine if your pet is a suitable candidate for non-anesthetic dental cleaning.

What should I do to prepare my dog for the Non-Anesthetic Dental service?
Ensuring your pet is calm and comfortable is key. Following any specific instructions provided by the Green Dog Veterinary Center in preparation for the appointment would be beneficial.

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