1. This place is great and affordable. They did an amazing job cleaning my dog's teeth. The staff was very nice, and the doctor gave me suggestions on how to keep my dog's teeth cleaned until his next visit. Definitely recommend bringing your little furries in.

    D. M.
  2. Superb experience with both my Dogs here over the years. Immensely professional, warm, and friendly. Treated my Chihuahua/Dachshund mix and my German Shepherd. Dr. Geist is very patient and takes time to explain everything (including fees, etc..)

    Jeff G.
  3. The staff here is great. From appointment scheduling with a live person or online, it's always an easy and pleasant experience. We like bringing our babies (puppies) here because we have never had a bad experience here. All the staff is friendly and welcoming, from front to back office you can really tell they like their job. I hope that the Veterinarians/ Assistants know how much we appreciate their staff. It's hard to find a place where they genuinely care for your puppies, but this place really does. So thank you, Green Dog Dental.

    Yvette A.
  4. I love, love, love Green Dog Dental! From my experience on the phone to the assistant taking my dog, Abel, in for his cleaning to our great encounter with the Doc after! This is our second pet to go here, and the whole place is spotless to boot! Look no further if you want great dental care for your pet!

    Kate M.
  5. Such a positive experience! Our dog's teeth look amazing, their breath is fresh, and they treated our babies like family! Thank you, Green Dog Dental!

    Adrien E.
  6. Very professional service. Prompt and very friendly staff. I took my dog there for the first time and was very pleased with the service.

    Sergey B.
  7. I've been taking my dog to Green Dog Dental since he was a baby, 13 years ago, and it's the best clinic all around. Reasonable prices and dedicated staff.

    Pakito M.
  8. We had a great experience with Green Dog Dental multiple times for both of our dogs. Great communication, friendly staff, and the techniques they use to keep your dogs comfortable and calm are wonderful. Grateful for the solid care!

    Beck W.
  9. Love Green Dog Dental! They are knowledgeable and professional and treat everyone with patience and kindness. I trust them, which is the most important reason of all.

  10. It was our first visit at GDD and we had a great experience. The place is comfortable and clean, good vibes... Staff and veterinarian were very friendly, especially the girls at the reception explained the whole procedure and informed about potential problems, solutions and costs. Diva now has beautiful clean teeth and seems to be very happy :)

    Oliver G.
  11. Best experience I've had at a vet or doctor's office. Everything about it was welcoming and calm and pleasant. It felt a little like my dog and I were at a spa. :)   Impressed with the price, and kind of blown away by the quality of service for that price. The doctor even helped answer some non-dental questions about my pup. If you need your dog's teeth cleaned, go here. Easy.

    Rebecca P.
  12. After hearing great things from friends & also meeting part of the team at DogPpl, I was really excited to bring my dog to her first teeth cleaning appointment. I was blown away by how cool the office is. I've never seen a vet or any other medical facility (both for people or pets). This is awesome! The team was so kind and made it a great experience. I had 100% trust in the team and appreciated the way they cared for my dog. There was great communication, clear expectations and a helpful overview at the end so I could understand what I can do going forward to make sure my dog is as healthy as can be. I really appreciate having a non-anesthetic option for teeth cleaning and because of how simple it is (and also way more affordable + easier on the animal), I will get my dog on a good care plan. Thank you!!

    Tara B.
  13. I love this place! Such nice employees… they’re all so attentive and sweet! They take the best care of my lil babies. The vets are amazing. So nice to be able to have a sit-down and talk with the vets in a comfortable atmosphere before they get started with my kitties. It’s like having a concierge service but with very reasonable rates! And even tho they don’t have separate numbers for each location... you can text the 800 number anytime with concerns or questions. Or just leave a message to have them contact you for an appointment. I’m so grateful for them!

    Terri W.