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The Importance of Proper Puppy Care at Green Dog Veterinary Center

Why Start Puppy Care Early?
Early vet visits are crucial to ensure your puppy begins life in good health and without congenital issues. Timely vaccinations and preventative care set the stage for a long, healthy life. Furthermore, some puppy diseases can be transmitted to humans; immediate care helps protect your family, too.

When to Visit Us?
Schedule your puppy's first exam before even bringing them home. This ensures prompt deworming, early diagnosis of congenital issues, and the establishment of proper behavior and training plans.

Common Puppy Health Issues
Puppies often come with internal, like worms, and external parasites, like fleas and ticks. Early vet visits help diagnose and treat these conditions, ensuring your puppy is not carrying parvo or other serious diseases.

Signs of Illness vs. Healthy Puppy
Healthy puppies are active, eat and drink normally, and are engaged with their families. Signs of illness can include lethargy, lack of engagement, or abnormal eating and drinking habits. If you notice any concerning symptoms, seek immediate veterinary care.

Training and Socialization
Contrary to popular belief, it would help if you didn't wait until all vaccines are completed to start training and socialization. The 8-16 weeks are critical for positive and safe training experiences. Classes where all dogs are vaccinated are safe and recommended.

First Exam Expectations
Our comprehensive first exam checks your puppy's behavior, ears, eyes, mouth, heart, lungs, and intestines, and includes a fecal test. We aim to ensure you have a healthy puppy and equip you with the knowledge you need for appropriate care and training.