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What to Know About Cat Anesthesia: A Guide from Green Dog Veterinary Center

Why Anesthesia Is Necessary For Your Cat

Anesthesia is administered to immobilize your cat or to prevent pain during surgeries or other procedures. The decision to use anesthesia is made with your cat's comfort and well-being in mind. We conduct diagnostic tests to ensure your cat's health before anesthesia.

Pre-Surgery Preparations

We recommend fasting the night before the procedure and will provide specific instructions to prepare your cat for anesthesia.

Monitoring During Anesthesia

Your cat's vital signs, including heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure, will be continuously monitored by our veterinary team. An IV catheter will also be placed to maintain fluid balance.

Post-Anesthesia Care

After the procedure, we continue to monitor your cat's vital signs and pain levels. Your cat may remain sedated for some time after returning home and may require prescribed pain medications.

Risks and safety

 While any surgery comes with risks, they are minimized thanks to careful monitoring by our experienced veterinary staff.

Questions and Contact: If you have any questions or concerns before or after the procedure, we are here to address them.

You can reach Green Dog Veterinary Center at 888-753-2829 for more information.

Your cat's health and comfort are our top priority. Rest assured that we follow stringent anesthesia protocols to ensure the safest outcome.