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Facts on Cat Spaying & Neutering

What Are Cat Spaying and Neutering?
Neutering: Removal of a male cat's testicles to prevent breeding.
Spaying: Removal of a female cat's ovaries and uterus to prevent breeding.

Health and Behavioral Impact
Reduces risky behaviors like fighting, roaming, and marking territories with urine.
Medical benefits include a reduced risk of reproductive health issues, especially in females.

Ideal Time for Procedures
Having your cat spayed or neutered by six months of age is recommended to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the development of secondary sex characteristics.

Medical Procedures
Both spaying and neutering are performed under general anesthesia to ensure the cat feels no pain.
Post-operative pain management is standard to ensure a comfortable recovery.

Pre and Post-Op Care
No food should be given the night before the surgery, though water is allowed.
Post-surgery, cats should be kept quiet and indoors until fully recovered.

Complications and Duration
There is a shallow risk of complications.
Spaying generally takes less than 20 minutes, and neutering even less.

Additional Services
Microchipping can be done at the same time as spaying or neutering.