It’s a New Year! If you’re like many people, you likely have a list of New Year’s resolutions to welcome 2021.The start of a new year brings hope (and, in the case of this year, relief that 2020 is over!)

Lots of folks take this time to set goals for the year to come, and this can apply to your pets, too.  Green Dog Dental has some helpful tips to start the New Year right.


To start 2021 on the right foot, we’d like to suggest a resolution for you and your four-legged friend: make this year the year of dental hygiene!

Fun, right? While taking care of your pet’s teeth may not sound exciting, it is one of the most important things you can do for them as far as preventative healthcare. Poor dental hygiene can cause all sorts of health problems, not to mention the bad breath that often accompanies tarter buildup and tooth decay.

It can feel a little daunting to commit to brushing your dog or cat’s teeth every day, but we encourage you to take baby steps (any amount of brushing is better than none!) as well as utilize all the tools available to you, such as our smileSPRAY, and dental chews, both of which can help fight plaque and tartar on the days when you forget to brush.

If your dog or cat doesn’t like it, and many don’t (especially if they aren’t used to it) remember to praise them and offer treats or other rewards.


Be sure to schedule your annual vet appointments and note them on your calendar.  Include an annual checkup, any vaccines that are due and even a dental check up.


And while the holiday season is coming to a close, remember that we still have a few months of winter left! So here are some tips for keeping your pet healthy and safe.

Keep your pet warm with a comfy sweater if you live in a cold, snowy climate and be sure to bring them indoors when it is very cold.  Sometimes their fur coat is not enough!


If you live in a snowy climate be sure to clean their feet from salt and antifreeze that they might encounter on a walk.  Be sure to watch out for puddles that can have residue from antifreeze and don’t let them lick their paws after a walk until you have cleaned them.  Also, be sure to check their paws for dryness or cracks.  There are some great products available like Musher’s Secret Paw Protection or Dermapaw Dog Skin and Paw Treatment.

Happy 2021 to everyone! May this year be better than 2020, for people and animals alike.