June is National Adopt a Cat Month! And with so many cats in the world needing good homes, there is no shortage of furry feline friends waiting for you to adopt them.  But cat lovers rarely need much convincing - what could be more exciting than adding a feline family member to your home?

For owners new to the cat world, Green Dog Pet Products thought you would appreciate a little bit of history and some tips and products to get you started.


Cats are loving, independent, and special pets. Humans first domesticated them in the Near East in around 7500 BC (not in Ancient Egypt, as many people believe). Since then, cats have rivaled dogs as the second most popular family pet. In 2021, there are an estimated 220 million house cats in the world.


But there are nearly twice as many strays. 2021 numbers indicated that there are nearly half a billion stray cats around the world. And, when you decided to adopt a cat from a rescue, you are giving one of them a home.


Cats are just as varied in personality as dogs and human beings. Some are shy, some are fearless, some are affectionate, and others are more aloof. When choosing to add a cat to your family, it is important to figure out what exactly you are looking for.

Do you want a cat to snuggle with all day long, or would you prefer a more independent companion? Do you want a cat with long hair or short? Will this cat be added to a family that already has pets? If so, what kind of personality would best mesh with the animals you already have?


Kittens are a little bit of a wild card. Unlike with puppies, who are often temperament tested when young to hypothesize on what their personalities will be like when they are older, kittens are a little more difficult to unravel.

A very gregarious kitten can grow up to be a shy cat, and vice versa. If you want a cat that is friendly with visitors and not skittish, early socialization is a must.


Adopting an older cat is often a much better bet, particularly if you are looking for something specific. Older cats already have formed personalities, and shelter staff often have a great understanding of their individual quirks, temperaments, and idiosyncrasies. 

Being honest with the shelter staff and volunteers about what you are looking for is a great way to find the cat that is best for your home.


Once you’ve found your purrfect companion, there are a few things you’ll need to get ready to prepare for their arrival. You’ll need: 

  1. A litter box
  2. Cat food
  3. A brush
  4. A toothbrush and other dental care products, like our dentalDUST and purrfectSMILE (cats need their teeth brushed, too! And the earlier you get them started, the easier it will be).
  5. A collar and ID tag
  6. A good veterinarian, if you don’t have one already.
  7. A scratching post (even if your cat has been declawed) and a variety of toys to help keep them active.


Once you bring your new kitty home, expect a bit of an adjustment period. Cats aren’t known for being great travelers, and a change in surrounding could feel a little overwhelming for them.  You might want to try aromatherapy to help them feel calmer in their new home.  

But after a little while and once they have adjusted to their new home, you’re likely to have found yourself a best friend for life.