Neither of my dogs like having their teeth brushed. It ranks up there with nail clipping - a torturous, stressful experience that sends them running for the hills.  So I was excited to try smileSPRAY from Green Dog Dental and see if it would help.


Pugs have wonky jaws and teeth to begin with. They have tiny front teeth and normal sized molars, all packed into a somewhat unusually shaped mouth. That, coupled with regular brachycephalic breathing issues, makes dental care of both pugs a little challenging.

I found out about smileSPRAY and knew I had to give it a try. While neither dog likes having their mouths poked at, I knew that rubbing something on their teeth and gums would be pretty simple. I was a little concerned t hat maybe it would taste bad, and that after one application they would scurry away as soon as they saw the bottle.


Much to my relief, the smileSPRAY solution smelled nice, herbal and innocuous. I sprayed a bit on the gauze, as the instructions indicate, and chose my first victim. I chose Olive first. She is more easy going than her brother, Wilbur, and she also happens to have smellier breath.

The application of the smileSPRAY went swimmingly! Olive didn’t mind the taste, and even licked her lips after I rubbed the solution onto her teeth and gums. Wilbur reacted very much the same way. The entire process took less than 2 minutes per dog.


A few days later, I wanted to use the smileSPRAY again. I called both pugs to me, and, unlike with the toothbrush, they didn’t flee when they saw the smileSPRAY bottle. Just like the first time, the application took mere seconds and neither dog seemed perturbed.

I used the product over the course of a few weeks, and noticed an immediate difference in their breath. I couldn’t smell them from across the room anymore! I had also been using the gauze to rub against their back molars, by far the teeth with the most plaque, and noticed a difference in the amount of tartar on their back teeth.


I still brush their teeth at least once a week, but both pugs seem much more willing to let me clean their teeth. Moreover, their breath is SO much better! I think the process of rubbing the smileSPRAY solution has also accustomed them to having their mouths handled, so dental care is less stressful for everyone all around.

I know that most vets recommend daily brushing, but that just isn’t feasible for us. A weekly brushing, coupled with the smileSPRAY, has made a huge difference in their oral health without making us all crazy!  smileSPRAY is available online at Green Dog Dental.