Guide to dental for frenchies

Just like any other breed of dog, French Bulldogs require regular dental care in order to stay healthy. In fact, taking care of your Frenchie’s teeth is one of the best ways you can care for their overall health, as many health problems start in the mouth.  Green Dog Dental who developed smileSPRAY, has these easy overview on dental health.


Luckily for you, French Bulldogs are notorious for being relatively easy-going, so with proper training and socialization, you and your furry friend will be practicing excellent dental hygiene without any problems.

Here’s how to clean your Frenchie’s teeth, step-by-step:

  1. Make sure to buy a toothbrush or smileWIPES and toothpaste or smileSPRAY that are specially made for dogs. Human toothpaste and human toothbrushes are not suitable for use on dogs. A human toothbrush is likely to be far too large for a Frenchie mouth, and human toothpaste and dental products are full of chemicals and additives that could be harmful to your pet.
  2. Know when to make your move. If your Frenchie has a ton of excess energy, hasn’t eaten, or is distracted by something else, you may have a more difficult time getting them to sit still for a tooth cleaning. A tired Frenchie is a compliant Frenchie, so aim to clean their teeth once they’ve already gotten most of their energy out for the day.
  3. Wet the dog toothbrush and apply approximately a pea sized amount of doggy toothpaste onto the toothbrush. Frenchie mouths are small, so don’t overdo it!  Or spray smileSPRAY on smileWIPES and just wipe with your finger.
  4. Clean your Frenchie’s teeth with soft circular motions. Because of the way that the Frenchie’s teeth are situated in their jaw, and because of their fleshy cheeks, the back molars can be very difficult to reach and are often the most plaque-covered. Pay special attention to these back teeth.
  5. Once you finish, reward your Frenchie with a treat! Most French Bulldogs are extremely food motivated and will cooperate better if they know there’s a reward in store for them at the end.