Dr. Heather Rally

Medical Director, Sherman Oaks

Dr. Heather Rally is the Medical Director of the Green Dog Veterinary Center in Sherman Oaks.
Over the past decade of her career, Dr. Rally has worked to advance the care and welfare of animals through veterinary medicine, scholarship, academia, law, and advocacy. She previously worked as the Senior Veterinarian for Captive Animal Law Enforcement at the Foundation to Support Animal Protection where she led investigative and enforcement actions in cases of abuse and neglect of animals in a variety of captive settings.
In her free time, Dr. Rally continues to provide welfare-focused veterinary consultation services to non-profit advocacy organizations, shelters, and sanctuaries. Dr. Rally also serves as adjunct faculty at Vermont Law School where she has taught courses on animal ethics, science, conservation, and protection.
She has published articles on these subjects in Marine Ecology Progress Services (2013), the Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress on Protected Areas (2017), Tulane Environmental Law Journal (2018), the Journal of Veterinary Behavior (2019), and Reviews in the Neurosciences (2021), and is a co-author of the chapter on Animal Welfare and the Endangered Species Act, in the Third Edition of the American Bar Association treatise on The Endangered Species Act Law and Policy (2021).
She serves as an advisor to numerous whale and dolphin sanctuary initiatives around the world, including the Whale Sanctuary Project, the Sea Life Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary, and the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary.
Dr. Rally’s interests in clinical practice are in exploring ways to enhance the wellbeing of companion animals and the human-animal bond through proactive preventative care, outstanding client education, and a balanced approach to medicine and behavioral health. She has a particular passion for dentistry and a firm belief that oral health and hygiene are integral to the overall wellness and longevity of our beloved pets.